The SDGs Implementation Process in Zimbabwe

The SDGs implementation process in Zimbabwe is currently very had hoc. The government has not taken an effort to consult  stakeholders broadly. After the signing of the SDGs in New York in 2015, the government through the Ministry of Macroeconomic Planning and Investment Promotion that is tasked with the responsibility […]

Africa CSO Working Group Messages for HLPF

[Download the document here or read it below] Africa CSO Working Group members have been key in SDG implementation at national level (through initiating and strengthening SDG fora as well as targeted engagement with policy makers. At the regional level AWG members have been instrumental in shaping and influencing the Africa […]

Save the Children AU Liaison and Pan Africa Office Work on SDGs & Agenda 2063

[Download the document here] Save the Children (SC) has closely collaborated with the African Union Commission (AUC). More specifically it has actively engaged the department of Economic Affairs and the division of Strategic Planning on the overall advocacy work of the SDGs and Agenda 2063. The work was mainly anchored […]

Report of the AWG Side Event at FfD3

On the side lines of the FfD3 Conference in Addis Ababa 13-16 July, 2015, the Africa CSO Working Group on post 2015, Beyond 2015 Africa co-hosted a side event with the Government of Republic of Kenya, Government of United Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Cameroon on “Securing Africa’s FfD […]

Africa CSO Working Group Response to the Addis Ababa Action Agenda

The Addis Ababa 3rd International Conference on Financing for Development ended with an outcome document that raised different level of dissatisfaction among key stakeholders chief of which is that the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) provides very weak language on the means and mechanisms required to deliver a new sustainable […]

Updated: UN / AU Calendar of Events

Click below for a downloadable calendar of key events related to the UN/AU and other processes.   Post 2015 Calender 2015-2017 as at 1 May 2015

Common Africa Position on Financing for Development

Earlier this year, the Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union convened a regional consultation on Africa’s common position on financing for development as a base on which the continent would negotiate during the FfD process. Read the position here -> Africa common position on FfD Read the Africa CSO Working […]

UN / AU Calendar of Events

Click below for a downloadable calendar of key events  related to the UN/AU and other processes.   Calendar of events