Report of the AWG Side Event at FfD3

On the side lines of the FfD3 Conference in Addis Ababa 13-16 July, 2015, the Africa CSO Working Group on post 2015, Beyond 2015 Africa co-hosted a side event with the Government of Republic of Kenya, Government of United Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Cameroon on “Securing Africa’s FfD priorities in Addis and beyond: Mechanisms and Pathways”. Over 70 participants drawn from African governments and policy makers, private sector, African CSOs attended the meeting.

In the run-up to the Addis Conference, considerable progress had been made in the FfD negotiations.  The Africa Common Position on FfD outlined Africa’s priorities on FfD and some of the key issues include, among others; support to Africa’s productive sectors, technology transfer to priority sectors in Africa, enhanced resource mobilization, reduction of illicit financial flows, reform of international financial institutions in both vote and representation, among other issues. By the time of the Addis Ababa Conference, the FfD negotiations and outcome document had addressed a number of these issues to some extent. However the remaining sticking issues were on recognition and operationalization of Common But Differential Responsibility (CBDR) in the text as well as elevating the current International Expert Committee on Taxes to a commission with the implication that member states will have equal voice in setting and monitoring global tax policies. These were the key sticking issues that dominated the Addis Conference on FfD.


Read the report here: AWG side event Report

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