About the Working Group

The Africa CSO Working Group was formed in 2012 during the HLP consultations on post 2015. It is a voluntary coalition of African CSOs that are keen on ensuring the realities and aspirations of ordinary African citizens are prioritized in the post 2015 process. It seeks to strengthen the pan African narrative based on the voice of the African citizen including the most marginalized.

The Working Group champions advocacy, narrative development, at the capitals, continental and New York levels. To date the Africa CSOs Working Group has over 100 CSOs and coalitions who share the vision of a post 2015 framework that guarantees quality life and dignity for citizens. Underlining this vision is the need to ensure that African citizens realities and aspirations are prioritized in development.

The Africa CSO Working Group was formed during the HLP process as a way of coordinating the voice of African CSOs in the post 2015 process. A Monrovia Africa CSO Forum held in October 2012 concluded with Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf accepting to host a the Africa CSO Working Group Secretariat within her office. The Secretariat’s focus was on facilitating African Civil Society engagement with high level policy makers as well as contributes to strategic documents and processes of the Post 2015 consultations. At the end of the HLP process the Africa CSO Working Group continued its work (with African Monitor as the Secretariat to the AWG). For more regarding the background to the Africa CSO Working Group, please follow the link….

The main achievement of the Africa CSO Working Group during the HLP phase was ensuring that the voices of grassroots communities inform the HLP Report and process. Several key milestones enabled this to happen including; extensive consultation of grassroots communities during the HLP process; convening the Monrovia CSO meeting back to back with the HLP process among others; providing space for marginalized groups to directly input in post 2015 at various levels including high levels; collecting and collating community-based success stories; connecting policy makers at regional and continental levels with marginalized citizens;