Areas of Work

The AWG strives to connect policy makers to the realities and aspirations of African citizens within the post 2015 process through advocacy and technical support. To date the AWG has had solid engagements with the Africa Group in New York; African Union and UNECA based on issues of transformative potential to African citizens and the marginalized.

The key targets for Africa CSO Working Group advocacy and technical work are the Africa Group negotiators in New York, regional and continental policy makers such as African Union and UNECA; as well as marginalized groups throughout Africa. Our work covers the following areas and issues on the post 2015 process at both national, continental and New York levels;

  • Strengthening the capacity of policy makers (Africa Group, African Union, UNECA, negotiators, etc) to connect with African citizens realities and aspirations on post 2015 as well as in related processes
  • Narrowing the gap between New York and capitals regarding post 2015 and other processes
  • Strengthening the link between post 2015 and continental and regional processes such as Africa Agenda 2063, among other processes
  • Promoting accountability of negotiators and policy makers to African citizens both during and after negotiations
  • Strengthening capacity and ability of African citizens, CSOs, CBOs and other NGO formations to influence the post 2015 process nationally and globally through;
    • Information dissemination and exchange
    • Creating platforms for African citizens and marginalized groups to engage policy makers on post 2015
    • Sharing realities and aspirations and ensuring they connect with the post 2015 process
  • Realizing a post 2015 partnership among governments, CSOs and policy makers that delivers on the priorities of African citizens.